Together to Victory!

Tourism is the antithesis of War. We are calling for public expressions of solidarity and resist against russiansʼ military aggression. Meanwhile, as the Ukraine resists against a russian invasion, our team and partners are channeling their talents and possibilities into information resistance and humanitarian aid. Glory to Ukraine!

None of us lived or worked in the real war. There are no textbooks and guidelines on what to do with tourism companies during the war, because tourism is the antithesis of war by default. Everyone knows that there is no tourism where it is unsafe. However, we see the important role now played by DMOs and business networking of tourism organizations.

In fact, the DMO-4C model: communication, coordination, cooperation and collaboration can be quickly repurposed to perform tasks relevant to each destination, as:



Coordination of local businesses to provide food, provisions, medicines, equipment and all necessary numerous territorial defense units, which are formed of ordinary citizens. Fundraising, purchase and preparation of products, purchase of medicines, equipment, coordination of volunteers, provision of both internal and external logistics for the delivery of humanitarian goods.

Tour oprating for refugees

Assistance and organization of evacuation of civilians to quieter regions or other countries. Communication with foreign partners to organize transport and help provide accommodation for refugees in neighboring countries. Consultations on the current state of border crossing points.

Crisis marketing

Marketing communication channels are becoming channels for informing the whole world about what is happening in order to attract maximum attention, as well as to respond in the form of informational, economic and social pressure on the aggressor.
Tourism in Ukraine is a Driving Force and has a Hero: Scream!

Tourism Industry heroes in Ukraine are fighting for survival for fellow citizens with World Central Kitchen.

This New Tourism Hero Wants You to Scream for Ukraine!

The Hall of International Tourism Heroes is open by nomination only to recognize those that have shown extraordinary leadership, innovation, and actions. Tourism Heroes go the extra step. Today, the World Tourism Network announced the nomination of its latest Hero, Ivan Liptuga...

Scream for Ukraine! The New Face of Ukraine Tourism.

Ivan Liptuga, head of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine, and member of the World Tourism Network wants the Tourism to scream out and not be quiet about what is happening in his home country. It’s the first initiative by a global tourism organization by SKAL International Romania...

WTM applauds a new trend for travel companies to stop selling destination Russia and stand with Ukraine.

Are you selling trips to Russia? Are you standing behind Ukraine? You are encouraged to boycott travel business to Russia. A new trend is developing with tour operators and airline booking agencies eliminating Russian airlines, hotels, and destinations from its destination and portfolio...

Ukraine Tourism to the Travel Industry: Scream Against the War!

Speak up against the war and stop doing business with Russia as many firms already have. That's the message that Ivan Liptuga, president of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine, has for the travel industry.

Scream! The new WTN Response for Ukraine is

The World Tourism Network officially announced its “Scream for Ukraine” initiative. It has a brand new domain:
This global campaign is a response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine.


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